Villas & Farmhouses
Plot Area : 1 Acre ( 4,100 Sqm)
Time of Completion : 200 days (2010)
Services Rendered : Architecture
Landscaping & Interior : by Mrs. Anki Khurana
Cost of Project : INR 4.0 Crore

The Location of the farmhouse is adjourning to a valley in the extend region of Arawali hills with the skyline of the millennium city Gurgaon at its backdrop. The grand majestic structure amidst the lush green is a perfect setting for luxury living. The main entry to the house is an unique experience as its through the green grass carpet. The interactive volumes, the king size spaces and flow energy through the grand windows are naturally integrated with the lifeline.
The infinity pool right the edge of the site towards the valley makes it actually infinite, the exterior landscape and beautifully articulated gazebos and health club makes the living experience complete.
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