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We strive to convert your vision into reality, may it be a school, commercial, institutional or industrial building we have been shping them all. Our vision is to be one of the top architects in Delhi offering complete architectural and technical services under one umbrella.

Ar. Sunil Kaushik – Principal Architect -Silhouette Design Studio


Looking at the scarcity of land and increasing demand of workspace sustainability can only be the solution to meet the pressure. The architects have been playing a vital role in educing sustainability with their innovative ideas and incorporation of advanced technologies.


Design software is just a tool to increase efficiency.

Designs can only be visualised better and faster with the help of software. Designers can also identify the challenges that may arise during construction and can resolve them before getting into it. The intergration of complex building services become easy as conflicts can be identified and resolved with the help of BIM. The major breakthrough in times to come which may change the way buildings will be constructed is 3D printing.


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