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India is a tropical Country and one with rich culture of various methods and passive ventilation measures. As much as glass and steel might look grand and imposing , we have to face the fact that such buildings are a huge liability to its users as well as the environment. Artificial ventilation is one of the leading factors contributing to global warming . We believe in the usage of indigenous materials and innovation in vernacular design principal so that the new buildings can have more positive impact

Auditorium and Multi-Auditoriums has been our all time favorite Projects . Multiplex and Cinema Buildings are on similar league and goes one step further as they demand lots of creativity. We are working on innovative ideas to cope up with new challenges of social distancing in the current situation.

2020 Will see lot of Innovation in the Sector of Industrial Building Design. Pre-Engineered Building Technology will see lots of innovation in terms of speed of Construction. Architects who have vision to make the best out of the Technology can evolve an altogether a new Era in Industrial Design .

2020 will give Architectural Design Consultancy altogether a new dimension . There will a total shift in the way the Profession is practiced. from Physical Meeting and Discussions to Online interactive sessions . from Actual Site Visits to Video calling displaying the actual Site conditions . The practice of the Profession will be highly depend on the new era Technology of Virtual Meetings . More and More Cloud Based software will help the Architects to interact with teams deployed at remote locations and Still corroborate to

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